TOBY’S The Dessert Asylum new menu items to drive you crazy. With a wide array of items such as Guinness Stout and Hickory Smoked Baby Back Ribs, Prawns & Mussels Tagliatelle w/ White Wine Sauce, Taco Wings w/ Sundried Tomato Dips, Stewed Pork Pizza and DESSERTS!

Barbeque Baby Ribs Added with New Kicks of Flavor


Guinness Stout and Hickory Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Great news for those who love Toby’s Barbeque Baby Ribs, as they have just up their game to the next level, introducing two new flavor – Guinness Stout and Hickory Smoked.

Guinness Stout Baby Ribs – Prepared with Guinness Stout, adding that bold stout aroma and taste which goes so harmoniously well with the Barbeque Ribs!

Hickory Smoked Baby Ribs – Succulent Ribs with intense smokiness flavor, coated with sweet and savory Hickory Smoked Sauce. Every bite was simply delightful!

Both ribs were rich in marbling and grilled to perfection, each bite remains luscious and succulent. Paired with the newly introduced flavor will definitely excite your palate!

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“Summer” has Never Left Us, so Grab a Cold One


Prawns & Mussels Tagliatelle w/ White Wine Sauce; Taco Wings w/ Sundried Tomato Dips


Stewed Pork Pizza

On top of the Baby Ribs promotion, Toby’s is also giving off a lucrative deal – A bottle of Tiger or Heineken Beer would only cost $3 with purchase of any Mains or Starters!

To go with the beer, we had Prawns & Mussels Tagliatelle served with White Wine Sauce, Stewed Pork Pizza, and their Taco Wings!

Prawns & Mussels Tagliatelle – Plump and juicy tail-on prawn along with flavourful green-lipped mussel served atop of al-dente Tagliatelle with an aromatic hint of garlic scent and mild white wine finish. (Tip: Add a bit of Tabasco sauce to have a zesty twist and kick of spiciness!)

Stewed Pork Pizza – Mouthful of shredded pulled pork accompanied with creamy melted cheese and onion slices on top crispy thin crust. The Pull-Pork goes extremely well with the cheese, bursting in flavor and keeping us to want more! Definitely strongly recommended to go with a cold beer to finish off the day!

Nectarous Desserts to Keep Us Sane


Arctic Bombshell and D’Lover

A cure for everything, dessert to us is meant for any occasion and time of the day! More good news, Toby’s is equipping themselves with more varieties on top of their broad arsenal of desserts to choose from. Ondeh Ondeh and Strawberry Jelly Cheese Cake is their latest prideful invention, but unfortunately, they were so popular and sold out on our visit. Each dessert is hand-crafted by the lady boss, limiting the quantity but promising the quality they have got to offer.

Nevertheless, we were introduced to Arctic Bombshell and D’Lover which also ultimately satisfied our sweet tooth.

Arctic Bombshell – Thick slab of Vanilla Ice Cream sandwiched by Chocolate Brownie Cake, coated with Torched Meringue then glazed with Chocolate Ganache – Sinfully delectable!

D’Lover – Velvety soft durian sponge cake dome with fresh durian Purée covered with creamy rich chocolate fudge – Addictive like durian, recommendable for durian lovers!

Never Enough of Sweetness


Caramel Frappe, Earl Teaser and Afro-di-siac

Not just the vast amount of desserts to choose from, but there are also tons of Coffee, Tea, and Cooler that bring out the indecisiveness in us! The great number of options also make Toby’s a great chill-out place for having some tea over a slice or two of cake.

Earl Teaser – Earl Grey Tea with Vanilla Ice Cream Float

Afro-di-siac – Root Beer with Vanilla Ice Cream Float

There you have it guys, head on down to TOBY’s The Dessert Asylum for delicious food fares and fantastic desserts, you will definitely be spoiled for choices. Thank you for reading, we hope that you have like what you read and if you do, please follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook to check out our daily updates. We love you and are greatly appreciative of your support throughout our food hunting journey!

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