In this merciless summer heat waves, nothing beats indulging into a tub of premium creamy ice cream… Wait a minute, actually, there is! While the enjoyment of having a whole tub of ice cream is enjoyable, but the thought of calories intake is way too sinful to proceed without guilt.

Callery’s Ice Cream

Having to enjoy the low-calorie ice cream, while not compromising on the taste has been the dream of many ice cream lovers! Thankfully, the dream has finally come true with Callery’s introducing their Low-Calorie Premium Artisanal Ice-Cream, bringing Opulent Taste with Minimal Calories!


Ice Cream Selection

There are three classical flavors to choose from – Vanilla Bean, Belgian Dark Chocolate, Strawberries and Crème

Vanilla Bean


Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Aromatic floral note on the nose while pleasant and light on the palate, with a hint of nuttiness on the finish.

Nutritional Facts

77% Less Calories | 77% Less Sugar | 77% Less Fat
Pleasant and light on the palate with even more pleasant calorie-count of only 59 calories per serving of greatness!

Belgian Dark Chocolate


Belgian Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Rich and bold taste of the Belgian Dark Chocolate accompanied with a creamy texture while having a mild sweetness on the finish.

Nutritional Facts

72% Less Calories | 80% Less Sugar | 71% Less Fat
Rich in taste, yet with only a low-calorie count of 72 per serving!

Strawberries and Crème


Strawberries and Crème Ice Cream

Refreshing and freshness from the Strawberries, a harmonious balance of tangy and sweet and velvety smooth texture.

Nutritional Facts

76% Less Calories | 77% Less Sugar | 75% Less Fat
Great mix of ambrosial quality and calorie count of only 61 per serving of refreshing sweetness!

Let’s all enjoy Maximum Happiness, Minus the Guilt!

Because of the low-fat content, please allow the ice-cream to sit and thaw for a bit before indulging into the guilt-free happiness!

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