Upper Place At Wangz Hotel

Looking for a place to bring your date? Planning a last minute anniversary dinner? Need to impress a business client? Look no further, the Upper Place at Wangz Hotel is the perfect place to impress without breaking the bank. Located at the heart of Tiong Bahru (231 Outram Rd, Singapore 169040), this place is convenient and a stone’s throw away from both Tiong Bahru and Outram Park MRT.


Upper Place Ambiance

Before we even tried their food, we were absolutely blown away by the design of the place. The place was pretty small but was at the same time cozy and sophisticated. The use of candles also gives it a nice romantic ambiance – perfect to impress your date!

Upper Place Alfresco

If you prefer dining outdoors, you can opt to enjoy the beautiful view from their alfresco dining area which gives you a magnificent view of the area.


Their set lunch is priced at S$24++ per pax and their set dinner is priced at S$48++ per pax, which is really value for money considering the luxurious ambiance and the high-quality food served. The set comes with an appetizer, a main, and a dessert with tea or coffee. Do check out their website for their menu options because they change their lunch menu every month and their dinner menu every three months.


Appetizers -Pumpkin-Soup

Pumpkin Soup – yogurt . papadum . cumin & basil oil (S$14++ Ala Carte)

We were absolutely blown away by the complexity and vibrancy of this dish. The Soup had a burst of spices that added layer upon layers of flavor onto the sweet pumpkin base of the soup. But what really nailed it was the yogurt which made the whole soup creamy, tangy and light. The addition of the papadum on the soup provided a nice crunch to the soup. Overall an amazing dish with multitudes of flavor that perfectly complemented each other.

Octopus And Chorizo

Octopus and Chorizo – paprika textures . squid ink . 63° egg . crispy quinoa (S$22++ Ala Carte)

When we first saw this dish on the menu, we were confused. Chorizo and octopus seemed like such a weird, unheard of combination. But when we tasted the dish, everything made so much more sense. The flavors were bold but the smokey taste of the octopus went really well with the spicy chorizo. The paprika brought the whole dish together with a slight Mediterranean taste. The egg was cooked to perfection and when mixed with the squid ink, produced a nice creamy texture that melted in your mouth.

Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes – papaya . watermelon . asian spices . herbs (S$24++ Ala Carte)

Crab cakes are a staple in most western fine dining restaurants. This crab cake, however, was garnished in a rather innovative way. Instead of using the typical mango salsa, watermelon was used. This was a surprisingly great combination; the freshness and sweetness of the watermelon added a lightness to the deep fried crab cakes. The crab cake itself was spot-on; moist and bursting with flavor in the inside and crispy on the outside. The sauces were really interesting and added depth to the flavor profile of the whole dish. Overall, it was really satisfying (and pretty filling too)!

Tortilla Cup

Tortilla Cup – chicken . tahitian lime . tomato salsa . vermicelli (S$18 ++ Ala Carte)

Enclaved in this aesthetic and delicate tortilla cup is a perfect harmony of Asian and Mexican cuisine. The traditionally Asian vermicelli was paired with a tangy tomato salsa that was really refreshing. The chicken was moist, flavourful and went really well with the vermicelli. All these ingredients were combined together in a crispy tortilla cup, which gave it a perfect balance of flavor and texture. It was truly a treat for the palate.


Seafood Stew

Seafood Stew – Asian bisque . fish . squid . prawns . crab meat . mussels . fregola (S$36++ Ala Carte)

Before we even tasted this dish, the aroma of seafood permeated the room and made our mouths water uncontrollably. At first sight, this looked like a bunch of seafood thrown into a pot. However, when we tasted each individual component, we realized that every part of the stew was immaculately prepared. The prawns were grilled beforehand and gave the whole dish a nice charred flavor. The other ingredients were each prepared and cooked to perfection, none of them were overcooked or dry. The stew also had a slight alcoholic taste which added depth to the flavor. The fregola were also little pellets of joy that soaked up the rich goodness of the stew and added a nice starchy texture to the whole dish.

Red Snapper

Red Snapper – lentil stew . bacon . savoy cabbage . pickled ginger (S$28++ Ala Carte)

When it comes to fish mains, less is usually more – let the fresh catch of the day speak for itself. We were however proven otherwise by this dish. This dish married complex Indian and Japanese flavors into an otherwise typical western dish. The fish itself was really fresh and seared to perfection. The lentil stew had a great depth of flavor that was accentuated by the bacon bits in it. The pickled ginger and cabbages were really refreshing and added an enjoyable tanginess to the whole dish. Each component of this dish complemented each other and created a harmony of flavors in our mouths.

Wagyu Ribeye

Wagyu Ribeye – dutch carrot . brussels sprout . potato puree . red wine jus

Yet another dish where less is usually more – this time they stuck with the conventional “less”. The usual red wine sauce paired well with the wagyu ribeye. The steak itself was delicious and melted in your mouth. The potato puree was mind-blowing. The soft, fluffy and buttery goodness was almost like a savory cotton candy that melted in your mouth. The garnishes were also really tasty, especially the honey cherry tomatoes that were literally as sweet as honey.

Pork Jowl

Pork Jowl – char siu . pickles . micro salad

This dish was rather underwhelming after tasting the other mind-blowing dishes. It was an attempt at a western pork jowl and Asian char siew fusion that honestly ended up tasting like a normal slab of char siu. The meat itself was slightly dry as well and wasn’t as fatty as we hoped it to be. The sear on the pork, however, was on point. The pickled garnishes at the side were also pleasant and added a nice lightness to the dish.


Red Velvet Waffles

Waffles – red velvet . fruit compote . orange anglaise . ice cream (S$15 ++ Ala Carte)

While this isn’t the best waffles we have ever tasted, these were still some pretty solid waffles. The ice cream (homemade) was really rich and really creamy. It has a slight alcoholic taste to it which tasted faintly of Bailey’s. The orange Anglaise sauce which was drizzled all over waffles gave it a nice fresh and tangy orange taste. We also like how bits of strawberries were scattered all over the dish, giving it more bursts of flavor.

Chocolate Moelleux

Chocolate Moelleux – chocolate soil . textures of strawberries . wild berries (S$15 ++ Ala Carte)

This dish was simple yet amazingly delicious. Essentially a lava cake, the chocolate flowed out of the cake perfectly and was super rich and creamy. The cake itself was baked to perfection and had a slightly crispy exterior with a really light fluffy interior. The vanilla ice cream that complemented it was also amazingly rich and creamy. If you have an insatiable love for chocolate, this dish is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Poached Pear

Poached Pear – lemon . red wine . streusel . spices . rhubarb (S$14++ Ala Carte)

For those who enjoy their dessert with a bit more zest, their Poached Pear is perfect for you. The pear, poached in red wine, was soft, sweet and delectable. When we cut open the pear, we were surprised to see a rich yellow lemon jam flow out of it. The lemon jam mellowed out the strong sweetness of the pear and complemented it perfectly. The streusel was buttery and crispy and added a nice crunch to the dish. Overall, a really delicate and delicious dessert.

Cream Catalana

Crema Catalana – cointreau . citrus . wild berries (S$12++ Ala Carte)

This restaurant has produced a lot of interesting twists and fusions, and it was quite surprising that the last dish we tried could not have been more traditional. Crema Catalana is a classic Spanish dish said to be the predecessor of the now widely known Crème Brûlée. This dish, however, has a much eggier texture that a creme brulee, more akin to an egg custard. It was a really wholesome and homely dish and was the perfect way to end the night.


All in all, our experience at Upper Place was mind-blowing. The chef’s boldness in exploring new flavors and his extensive knowledge of different cuisines was reflected in every single dish, which was definitely a real eye opener for us. All in all a great place to experience good fine dining without destroying your wallet!

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Upper Place At Wangz Hotel
WANGZ Hotel Rooftop (R Level)
231 Outram Road
Singapore 169040
Mon-Sun: 07:00-22:30
Contact: 6595 1380