On top of their broad array of menu items, ToriYard will be introducing a new line up delectable lunch and dinner dishes, specially crafted by their Executive Chef Hasewaga Isao. Following are some of their exciting new creation as well as their signature dishes!

Aside from Yakitori


Tebasaki Gyoza (Deep Fried Chicken Wing Stuffed with Gyoza Fillings) and
Salmon Skin Salad (New!)

Salmon Skin Salad – Crispy Fried Salmon Skin served with green salads – appetizing and refreshing (It kind of remind us of Chinese New Years’ Lou Hei) 😂

Tebasaki Gyoza – Joyous moment as our teeth sinks into the wings’ crispy skin and then greeted by the juicy fillings from the inside – yummy!

The mid-joint bones have been skillfully removed by the chef, so don’t worry about having chicken wings on the first date anymore. 😏


Ika Maruyaki (Grilled Hokkaido Giant Squid with Ginger and Lemon)

Squid can be quite a tough ingredient to perfect, yet this was grilled to perfection, with the squid meat being tender and has a great chew to it. Although they have been glazed with flavorsome sauces, adding their made-in-heaven partner – Mentaiko sauce would further excite your palate!


Wagyu Sumiyaki (Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Steak)

Perfecting the right degree of doneness can be quite a challenge already, but to bring it up a notch, the chef at ToriYard do it over a charcoal flame. The heat coming from the charcoal flame varies, thus it certainly takes some real skills to cook such a thick slab of Wagyu Steak to the perfect doneness! Great quality of meat, smokiness flavor from being charcoal grilled, tender and luscious bite – Lovely! 😍


Even though the steak is good enough on its own, but we thought that both Yakiniku and Yakitori sauce goes unmistakably well with the steak. However, feel free to mix and match with the different types of sauces available and find your own perfect dips for it!



Momo, Buta Asparagus Maki, Tebasaki (left to right)

Momo – Signature Chicken Thigh with Seasalt and Lemon, the chef had reconstructed the dish, separating the skins and then wrapping up thigh-cut meat. Served with the skin slightly charred and crispy while the meat remains juicy and succulent

Buta Asparagus Maki – US Duroc Pork Belly Asparagus Roll, a melt-in-your-mouth thin slice of pork belly with crunchy asparagus roll, a well-played combination of texture!

Tebasaki – Classic Chicken Wing with Seasalt, Lemon and Sesame, classics done the right way, how can chicken wings go wrong? Once again, the mid-joint bone have already been separated for the ease of us and at the cost of the chef’s effort 👍



Handmade Meatball served with Onsen Egg and Teriyaki – Hearty meatball grilled and glazed with teriyaki sauce, and together with the runny yolk from the Onsen Egg, the combination was very rich and flavorsome! This dish not only pleases our palate but is also super insta-worthy – #eggporn 😋



Buta Karamiso Zousui (Spicy Pork Belly Porridge)

This is the Japanese take on porridge, like Teochew Mui but upgraded with savory broth! The bite of the rice is similar to that of Risotto’s, together with the broth and soft pork belly chunks is just delightful! The dish may look overwhelmed with spiciness, but fret not, we think that it’s quite mild even for non-spicy food eater 😉



Japan Premium Seasalt Ice Cream

It was a unanimous decision that we would come back for this ice-cream! Some places take sweet and salt combination dessert too far, leaning too much on the salty side, but not here at ToriYard. The saltiness is very subtle in this dish, almost unnoticeable but in our opinion the right amount of saltiness. The mild saltiness plays a vital part in keeping that harmonious balance. The Seasalt is not there to be prominent and striking as the main ingredient, but to help to accentuate the sweetness on our palate, and the ratio did a very great job!

Lunch and Brunch Deals


Lunch and Brunch Deals

Not only do they serve amazing dinners items, but they are also up for business during the lunchtime as well. Weekday set lunch menu starts from $13 and Weekend breakfast set starts from $11! 😱

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