The famous Taiwanese Zi-Char style restaurant has open a new outlet at Suntec City! If you are working around the vicinity, they serve lunch bowl, dinner and now with their new outlet-exclusive breakfast set, they got your three meals covered. On top of that, they are introducing an expanded menu with more yummy treats! 🥰

Taiwanese Zi Char
Look at this spread! Good for group gatherings – sharing is caring 😊

Being inspired by Taiwanese Cuisine, they serve a plethora of dishes, with the perfect portion size we would say – small enough to have multiple different dishes on the table for sharing among friends, yet big enough to let us savour and enjoy!

Speaking about Taiwanese Cuisine, how can one forget about their porridge which is their local staple food?! Other than rice, you can choose to have The Salted Plum’s Sweet Potato Porridge which also goes extremely well with their dishes 😋

What We Ate

Lu Rou
Lu Rou 2.0 ($15) – Braised Pork Belly

One of their best-selling dishes, upgraded, hence the name 2.0! Fans of Braised Pork Belly have got to try this out, rich in flavour after the long hours of braising with a variety of herbs and spices! The gravy have this notable note of sweet-herbal taste from the use of Dang Gui (Chinese angelica root), fragrant and delectable 😍

Burnt Chilli Chicken
Burnt Chilli Chicken ($10)

A bite and you can taste that smokiness from the lightly charred Chicken, then feels the kick the comes from the chilli – Spicy yet addictive!

Joey's Lala
Joey’s Lala ($15)

That’s a lot of clams given at its price point, value for money! Stir-fried with house-made Asian Pesto, which includes sweet Thai basil, rendered pork lard, sweet soy sauce and fish sauce! Great fusion twist, but be warned that it has very strong scent and taste of basil 😉

Cold Tofu
Cold Tofu ($10)

This have to be one of the most classic appetizer in Taiwanese Cuisine, but presented with a twist – The century egg was fried before letting it chill! Century eggs is an acquired taste, and when on its own can be a little bit too strong for some, but this combination made it very palatable 👍

Red Tea Jelly
Red Tea Jelly ($5)

This is The Salted Plum’s take on Pearl Milk Tea – rather than serving it as a beverage, they reconstructed it into a dessert! Chilled red tea jelly cubes served with chewy black sugar boba and luscious cream, a great play of flavours and textures!


The Salted Plum

Forgive us, as there are many dishes that we didn’t manage to snap individually as we were literally salivating when the dishes were served! On top of what was already mentioned, some of our other recommended dishes include:

Kao Rou ($15) (Bottom left) –  Whole sliced of grilled pork belly – caramelised, lightly charred, smoky scent, sweet and savoury, served with crispy garlic chips! ❤️

Taiwanese Sausage Patties ($10) (Bottom right), Hand-formed minced pork, grilled and charred on both sides! 🤩

Pork Chop ($10) (Next to Cold Tofu) – Nicely battered, crunchy batter on the outside, succulent and tender on the inside ~

Oyster Mushroom ($10) (Above of Cold Tofu) – Deep-fried and seasoned – Reminds us of their night markets, comes with deep-fried potato cubes too!

Cabbage ($10), Mei Cai ($5) (To the top and right of Oyster Mushroom) – Perfect pairing dishes for their porridge!

The Salted Plum
Suntec City Mall (West Wing)
3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-122A
Singapore 038983
Mon-Sat: 11:30 – 14:30, 18:00 – 21:30
Sun: Closed
Contact: 6260 0155