The Asian Kitchen is best known for its Xiao Long Bao, dumplings, La Mian and fried rice. Starting from November, The Asian Kitchen will be introducing a new menu of fried rice which is only available at Republic Plaza and various new side dishes for the CBD crowd to try out !


Pork Dumplings 10 pcs – $9.80

While waiting for the fried rice to arrive, we started off with the signature dish of The Asian Kitchen, the famed Xiao Long Bao ! The buns were filled with a delicious soup stock and pork filling. As expected, the translucent skin did not break when we used our chopsticks to dip into the vinegar and ginger.


Mala Roast Chicken – $11.50

The roast chicken at The Asian Kitchen was succulent and flavorful with Mala sauce. Even though it wasn’t really spicy, we found it a tad oily and rather do without it. Mala literally means numbing and spicy in mandarin which could be quite overpowering for some people having to chug down glasses of water with every bite. But fret not, the Mala sauce here wasn’t that strong if you still want some kick in your meal.


Claypot Tofu – $8.80

Claypot Tofu with cherry tomatoes and century egg. Century eggs is a type of preserved food which turns the egg whites black and the yolk to grey colour. Resulting in a more creamy consistency but also a stronger flavour best to include with a dish like Tofu to enhance the flavours, since tofu is usually more bland.


Sichuan Spicy Wantons- $7.50

This Wantons is a new addition to the existing side dish menu. Three huge serving of Wantons in a spicy Sichuan sauce. Even though the meat was juicy,succulent and larger than the average wantons, we feel that the price of this side dish is rather steep.


Iron Pan Fried Dumplings – $7.50

Other than steamed dumplings, you can have it pan fried too ! Crispy crackling of the skin as your teeth sinks into the dumpling with a generous portion of meat. Good for sharing!


Hot Plate Crispy Fried Noodles – $11.80

Crispy fried noodles with prawns, meat, mushroom and vegetables. Compared to the wanton side dish, this is worth way more than it, don’t you think? Loved the texture of the noodles drenched in gravy sauce which would had be perfect if its more flavourful.


Nonya Fish Slices – $10.80

This Nonya Fish Slices is also new on the menu. Tangy blend of sour and spicy dish with fish slices and vegetables. Looked like a bowl of lontong on first glance haha ! This would definitely go well with a bowl of fried rice for sharing !


Kimchi Pork Fried Rice – $11.90

Introducing the four new fried rice in this fried rice paradise promotion. First up is the Kimchi pork fried rice. Creative fried rice dishes with different preparation styles which complements the rice very well. Fragrant Kimchi fried rice is a delight with every mouthful !


Prawn Omelette Rice – $11.90

The second one is prawn omelette rice. Reminds us greatly of the omelette rice we had back at Hoshino Coffee which is also under Doutor NRS, just like The Asian Kitchen. We felt this was a great variation because many of us like our rice moist without having to chew so much. Pretty simple yet convenient.



Ocean Delight Mui Fun – $12.80

The third one is Ocean delight Mui Fun. A plate filled with crab sticks, scallops, prawns and vegetables altogether ! Generous portion of ingredients, though we felt the gravy could have been more so the rice would be thoroughly soaked.


Seaweed Fried Rice – $11.90

Last but not least, the fourth fried rice this evening is the seaweed fried rice. Healthiest choice in the four fried rice introduced with only vegetables. Couldn’t stop chomping down the crunchy texture of lotus root which complemented the rice very well ! Great texture and flavourful fried rice yet healthy at the same time.

Overall, we feel that Asian Kitchen is a really convenient place being situated in malls to have a quick home cook-esqued meal with a variety of Asian styled recipe and ingredients, creative and flavourful.

The Asian Kitchen

9 Raffles Place Republic Plaza #B1-01
Singapore 048619
Mon – Fri: 11:00am – 08:45pm
Sat – Sun: Closed
Contact: +(65) 6438 3884
Nearest Station: Raffles Place


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