Would you ever expect to be able to find really good, healthy AND affordable food in a normal cafeteria? Located at MOE Cafeteria level 2, Tasty Street Singapore sells healthy Singapore influenced rice bowls for cafeteria prices. Sounds too good to be true? We think so too.


On the first impression, we thought they looked very aesthetically pretty and very Instagram worthy, our mood got elevated when we read the menu items that were being offered, they seemed pretty atas for cafeteria food!


Truffle Hotplate Tofu Sous Vide Chicken breast, Asian Black Pepper Wagyu Beef and Iberico Lor Bah (Pork). These are definitely not ingredients you can get cheap, and we are pretty sure there aren’t many places in Singapore that even have such ingredients in their menu, let alone a cafeteria menu.

And the best part was the price: $6.50.

Too good to be true? We think so too.


The fun part of TatsyStreet Singapore is that the bowls are customizable as well. You can pick and chose from a variety of yummy options here to make your very own healthy bowl. The base of each bowl is a mix of brown and pearl rice, and you can choose 3 kinds of vegetables that you want in your bowl such as corn, cucumber, beans, spinach, black fungus and red cabbage depending on the vegetables of the day! Top off the lot with an onsen egg and you’re good to go!

Tasty street also has their own specially curated bowls for those who are lazy to customize their own bowls!

The cuts of meat were amazing. Our favorite was the wagyu beef, it was so tender and flavorful. The owner of the place told us that popular favorite was the Iberico pork, which we loved too. The pork literally melts in your mouth.

Give the bowl a good mix like how you do with Korean Bibimbap and enjoy!


The entire bowl is VERY filling, and it is a good kind of filling because you’ll be full of healthy stuff that is good for your body! The bowl kept us satisfied way past dinner and we didn’t even feel the need for our usual afternoon snack.

We really suggest you make a trip down and savor one of their bowls, we promise you will be craving for more after!

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TastyStreet Singapore
1 Buona Vista Drive
MOE Cafeteria
Singapore 138675
Mon – Fri: 9:00AM – 3:00PM
Sat & Sun: Closed
Contact: 8333 5170
Nearest Station: Buona Vista

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