If you love ramen and prawn noodles, Jimoto Ya is the perfect place for you! The ramen is created by Chef Mieda, a Michelin-starred chef of Kaiseki restaurant in Sapporo and it features a unique broth with a blend of contemporary tonkotsu soup and ameeebi (sweet shrimp) that is sure to leave your mouth watering!

Jimoto Ya Shopfront


Jimoto Ya Singapore is located at Nanking Row at China Square Central, with a classy interior and a bar inside the restaurant, it is a perfect spot for office goers to enjoy a piping bowl of ramen with a few drinks after a hard day at work.

Jimoto Ya Setting


There are 5 basic types of ramen currently available – Ebi Shio ($16.50), Ebi Miso ($16.50), Ebi Shoyu ($16.50), Ebi Curry ($16.50) and a cold Hiyashi Cyuka ($18.50). Each type of ramen has a unique distinct flavour. Apart from the different Tare (or seasoning), each type of ramen also has a different precise ratio of tonkotsu broth to ame-ebi broth, calibrated down to the last gramme to ensure that the broth best complements the Tare.

Ebi Miso Ramen with Yamazaki Whisky

Ebi Miso Ramen with Yamazaki Whisky – $28

We ordered their limited edition Ebi Miso Ramen with Yamazaki Whisky – yes you read correctly … WHISKY! When the ramen first came, the smell of prawn permeated the room and left our mouths watering. We were told to take a sip of the broth before pouring the whisky in. The broth was bursting with umami, the ameebi added a sweet lightness to the rich tonkotsu broth and tantalised our taste buds with layers and layers of flavour. When the Whisky was added in, the broth was taken to a whole new level, the specially prepared ebi-intensified Yamazaki whisky complemented the prawn broth and accentuated the sweetness of the ameebi. The aroma of the whiskey enticed us to take slurps after slurps of ramen, leaving our tummies with a warm satisfied feeling with every spoon of broth we drank.

Ebi Miso Ramen Yamazaki Whisky

The owner of Jimoto Ya explained to us that he wanted to keep the toppings to a minimal as flavourful toppings such as chashu would change the flavour profile of the ramen. Instead he chose toppings such as cabbage, minced meat and egg that would soak up the rich flavour of soup. He also explained that the ramen was topped with a thin layer of ameebi oil, this ensured that the broth was well insulated and maintained hot for a longer period of time. True to his claims, the ramen was still piping hot after a good half an hour – there is nothing worse than eating ramen that has gone cold.

There you have it, go get drunk on ramen if you haven’t, you won’t regret it! Thank you for reading, we hope that you have like what you read and if you do, please follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook to check out our daily updates. We love you and are greatly appreciative of your support throughout our food hunting journey!

Jimoto Ya
3 Pickering Street, Nanking Row
Singapore 048660
Mon – Sat: 11:30AM – 2:00PM | 6:00PM – 10:00PM
Closed on Sundays
Contact: 6223 3397
Nearest Station: Chinatown

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