So for many of you who have been using Instagram, may see some of your favorite food bloggers posting a quote stating that you will get to save a percentage off your total bill whenever you use the HollerOut app and quote that person’s code.

What is it?

HollerOut is an app that allows you to save as you dine, do your manicure/pedicure, tailor a suit and many more. The lists get updated every now and then as they expand. Beyond that, after using the promo code once, you automatically become a referral yourself, getting your friends to use the app allows you to earn some money too!

How do I use it?

After downloading the HollerOut app, just register your account and you can just scroll through the ‘Browse’ tab to select a merchant that you wish to visit.

Then scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘Enter Promo Code’, at this point of time, the code that you enter will determine the person earning the referral reward*

After entering the promo code, just passed it to any of their staffs while making payments to get the discount. Yes! It’s that simple!!

By using a promo code for the first time, you automatically become a Ambassador like us, now you are able to earn referral rewards as well when your friends uses your code when they dine.

Do take note that there will be a minimum spending if you wish to enjoy the discount, this amount varies for different merchants.

What does PeanutLoti thinks of this app?

As you guys know, PeanutLoti likes to save as he dine and is always on the search for good deals. This app provides for a significant saving at no cost to the user! Also we have made great reviews on each of the merchants that we are ambassador of. That means that you’re killing two birds with one stone, great food with great discounts!

*PeanutLoti is currently a Ambassador for

  1. Rise & Grind Coffee Co
  2. The Lokal
  3. Stateland Cafe / Brother Bird
  4. Artistry
  5. Joo Bar
  6. Wolf Burgers
  7. Wildfire Burgers
  8. Tolido’s Espresso Nooks
  9. Paddy Hills

We will be grateful if you first timers will use our code “peanutloti” when you use this app at the aforementioned lists of merchants