You have have heard about different food competition for food such as burgers, chicken wings, chicken rice and many more. But have you heard about the latest Chilli Crab Challenge? Hosted by Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant is the world’s FIRST Chilli Crab Challenge.

It’s now opened to the public, challenge yourself to 2kg worth of chilli crabs (approx 3 crabs) and 6 buns and finish it within 30 minutes and it’s free! Who knows? You may be even land your name into their hall of fame. Check them out at


Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant has been in business since 1986. Behind the scene is the Teh family, they are responsible for the day to day operations of the restaurant.

The reason behind this challenge is to bring chilli crab back into the forefront of Singapore’s culinary scene. As you may know chilli crab is one of our favorite national dish among others that draws visitors from all over the world.


The rules of the Chilli Crab Challenge are pretty simple and straightforward. Contestants must finish 2kg of chilli crabs and 6 mantou under 30 minutes, inspection will be ongoing for the challenge.

  1. Finish crab meat, sauce and buns
  2. Sauce – As long as we can see the bottom of the plate it would be considered completed
  3. Meat – No significant chunks of crab meat left on the crab shell or part of the discarded pile
  4. No chewing after 30 minutes
  5. There must not be any external support, this is an individual challenge

Take note that for any contestant who fail this challenge would have to pay for the crabs, it would be priced at $88 (Retail price, $120 for 2kg).


Media Tasting

We had the honor to spectate in this challenge, we got to witness Singapore’s competitive eating group Food League participating in this challenge. Prior to the challenge, we learnt that some of them could even finish a chilli crab within 3 minutes, isn’t that crazy? Did they devour the shell as well?

Look at the massive crabs and the generous amount of sauce, its fragrance quickly masked the coffee shop and at that moment we regretted not participating in the challenge. On the other hand, because of its size, we thought it might be impossible for us to complete this challenge even if we were to take part.


Out of the four members who participated in the challenge, 3 of them cleared the challenge and they won their names on the restaurant’s hall of fame. This were their timings:

Bobby Yeoh: 16 minutes 40 seconds

Alvin Chenxu Weitian: 17 minutes 40 seconds

Sean Lee KY: 29 minutes 52 seconds

Nikola: Didn’t make it within the time limit but good effort!

You can watch the whole process of the team attempt at this food challenge here.

We were clearly impressed by these professional competitive eaters from Food League. They manage to polish such a hard to eat dish within the time limit at such a fast pace. Looking forward to seeing you guys owning future food challenges.

Other Dishes

Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant has a number of signature dishes, Chilli Crabs, Har Cheong Gai and their Mee Sua.

Spicy Assam Fish

Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant uses seasonal fishes on their menu. This time we are having assam parrot fish.This dish definitely a memorable one for us as it’s meat was very tender and as it soaks up the sweet, sour and spicy assam sauce we were just loving every mouthful of it.

Mee Sua Longevity Noodles

Hands down one of the best mee sua that we have had. Aka Birthday Longevity Noodles, usually prepared as noodle soup, they stir fry this dish. We like the chewy texture of the mee sua and the array of flavors brought to us by the generous amount of seafood (fish, prawns, squid) and even quail eggs. It’s a must try when you are here!

Har Cheong Gai Prawn Paste Chicken

Anybody like us? A must order whenever we are at a tze char stall is this dish, Har Cheong Gai or Prawn Paste Chicken. It is also one of the restaurant’s specialty dishes, every bite into these crispy chicken wings releases a burst of savory deliciousness.


La La (clams) in white wine sauce was up next. I vaguely remembered how much my parents would order a plate full of La Las when I was a kid and it was so satisfying to each each of it that I couldn’t stop. The sauce was the main highlight of the dish, it had a robust taste to it that goes so well with the chewy clam meat.

If you are a chilli crab lover and think that you are up for the challenge, check out this website for more information. You may even earn yourself a position in their hall of fame. Check them out too if you are looking for a nice tze char place for a gathering with your friends/family.

Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant
122/124 Casuarina Road
Singapore 579510
Lunch: 11am to 2:30pm
Dinner: 5pm to 11pm (Mon-Thur)
5pm to 12am (Fri-Sun & Public Holidays)
Contact: (+65) 6452 2824
Nearest Station: Yio Chu Kang

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